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Fabulous Lips™

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Fabulous Lips™ from SupplementSpot:

  • Can double the size of your lips in as little as 30 days
  • Can eliminate unattractive lip wrinkles and fine lines
  • Has targeted age-control care to promote visibly fuller & younger looking lips
  • Is more affordable than collagen injections and completely pain-free
  • Can protect your lips from damaging UV rays and prevent free radical damage
  • Naturally stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the lips
  • Glides on moist and glossy, never sticky Instantly smoothes and softens
  • Is safe to use as often as you like -- NO SIDE EFFECTS
  • Can be used by Men and Women



SupplementSpot's Fabulous Lips™ is a revolutionary Lip-Plumping Treatment that can increase the size of your lips by 50% in as little as 30 days -- with NO pain! Fabulous Lips™ plumps your lips naturally and safely by stimulating lips to produce their own collagen and hyaluronic acid. "Hyaluronic acid is the most plumping, moisturizing molecule on the planet," says N.Y.C. dermatologist Debrah Jaliman (InStyle Makeover 2003; 81). FabulousLips exclusive formula delivers instant moisture, increases lip volume and reduces unattractive lip wrinkles and fine lines. Fabulous Lips™ always glides on moist and glossy, never sticky.

  • Slowly twist the bottom of the lip-stick applicator 3 to 4 clicks, then put Fabulous Lips™ onto your lips as you would a lip balm, covering your entire lips
  • Only needs to be applied twice a day to achieve maximum results
  • Apply in the daytime as a moisturizing balm and at bedtime as a lip-plumping treatment
  • Use Fabulous Lips™ alone or on top of lipstick for added moisture and shine

SupplementSpot's Fabulous Lips™ formula works by stimulating lips to produce their own collagen and hyaluronic acid. Collagen is a protein found throughout the body that provides strength and forms tissue. Hyaluronic acid holds moisture and hydrates, plumping your lip tissue. In SupplementSpot's Fabulous Lips™ exclusive formula, collagen and hyaluronic acid work together, increasing lip volume and hydrating your lips for fuller, softer lips.

Recent Customer Reviews

Posted: 11/9/2015

Reviewer: Terry


I noticed smoothing of the lines in my lips right away. The increased fullness is not pronounced in any exaggerated way, but seems to occur because of the smoothing
effect. The effect seems to build with continued use as well. I'm very happy with the
product .

Posted: 10/9/2015

Reviewer: Rosi


I like this product very much. After the first purchase I could see, that it worked, so I made another purchase. It promisses fuller lips and: it is so. I absolutely can recommend this item. I'm 51 years old and it makes a difference in my face. I'm very happy with the result.

Posted: 6/4/2013

Reviewer: Paulien-Bali


The best I ever had, my lips are more as 50% fuller now

Posted: 6/4/2013

Reviewer: Paulien


Faboleus lips is what it says Faboleus !!
I knew it now for years and I am verry happy with it.
Now it is colorless and I like that more as with color.
in 1 month my lips are more as 50% bigger, that makes the face younger offcourse
and frienfly ipv verry small lips then people ask me are you angry ??

Not now anymore thanks faboleus lips - Live Long and Love Life!

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