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Why Is Skin Health So Important?

Everyone wants to have attractive skin.  However, many people in today’s society think tanning gives their skin a “healthy glow.”  These same people may undergo surgeries and spend a lot of time in the sun to achieve that look, none of which is good for your skin.  There are many effective and safe ways to have a healthy look, which do not include damaging your skin.  Our skin is the largest organ, and it plays an important part in defending our bodies against infections, so keeping our skin healthy is vital to our overall body health. 

“Vitamins, carotenoids, tocopherols, flavonoids and a variety of plant extracts have been reported to possess potent anti-oxidant properties and have been widely used in the skin care industry either as topically applied agents or oral supplements in an attempt to prolong youthful skin appearance.”  According to a report from Dermato-endocrinology- Source

Mary Sullivan, RN, co-founder of Olympian Labs states that; “When combined with a good diet, the right dietary supplements can help keep your skin looking not only healthy, but also years younger."

American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)Recommends

Vitamins C, D, E, A, K, and B complex can all help improve skin health. Vitamins C and E. Among the most important new dermatologic discoveries is the power of vitamins to counter the effects of sun exposure.

Among the most important new dermatologic discoveries is the power of vitamin C to counter the effects of sun exposure. It works by reducing the damage caused by free radicals, a harmful byproduct of sunlight, smoke, and pollution. Free radicals gobble up collagen and elastin, the fibers that support skin structure, causing wrinkles and other signs of aging; according to

Supplements That Support Skin Health

Omega-3 has long been one of the best supplements to take for healthy skin. This fatty acid is able to revitalize dry skin from the inside.

Taking vitamin D3 will boost skin cell growth, which will help regenerate dead skin cells.

Oxidative stress is one of the primary causes of skin damage. One of the best ways to fight back against it is with milk thistle. It is able to inhibit both oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Advanced Retinol A Cream is a richly textured and quickly absorbed elegant face and body cream that works continuously to give you firmer, smoother and healthier skin.

Oregon State University study on Vitamin A and Skin Health

Actions That Hurt Your Skin

• Smoking and Drinking
• The sun is the biggest cause of skin damage, says FaramarzSamie, MD, PhD, director of Mohs Surgery and vice chair of the department of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York.
• Leaving your makeup on when you go to bed
• Dehydration
• Lack of sleep - Getting 8 hours of sleep is good.  During sleep, your skin refreshes itself, clears out pores and replaces the upper layer with fresh skin-cells.
• What you eat effects your skin.
“The World Health Organization now places people who use ultraviolet tanning beds in its highest cancer risk category. If it’s vitamin D you’re after, tanning beds are not a good choice. “ (Harvard Medical School Study)

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