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Why Do We Fail at Our Fitness Goals?

The most aggravating thing in the world is when you are passionate about something and it just does not work out the way that you want it to. Fitness is a perfect example of this. Why do we fail, and can we fix the problem?

  1. We don't have a plan. If we do not plan our meals and our exercises ahead of time, it is very hard to be successful. Ultimately, one bad meal or one bad workout can turn into a completely lost diet.
  2. We don't accept help. "I don't think I need a trainer", "This is something that I want to do for alone", "Dieting/supplementing/stretching/sleeping/cardio isn't that important, I am just going to do my own thing", etc. We have all said something to make an excuse, but it is important to remember that there is always someone who knows more and can help us.
  3. We aren't ready. Everyone knows that getting healthy is going to be hard, but no one is ever ready for how hard. If you do not go into your diet, supplement, and exercise regime without really being ready to take on the challenges (big and small), then you could be blind-sided.
  4. We compromise. "Really, I don't want to lose _____, I just want to be able to fit into ______". Really, you DO want to lose that weight, and really, you DESERVE to. Don't compromise; you never know what you're missing.
  5. We do it alone. I have always hated asking to be held accountable something. But the truth is that you will already be battling your internal issues of motivation and cravings; so don't try to fight the whole battle alone. There is a reason that every "lifestyle change" article, blog, and book says to have an accountability partner - it works.
  6. We get discouraged. Every time we get disheartened in life, we should take that emotion in throw it away. We always somehow believe that no one has ever made the same mistake as us, and that we have failed. Some days you might slip up (it might be a lot of days), but that will never mean that you failed if you keep going. Don't give up, and you will be successful.

Get a partner. Get a plan. Get help with that plan. Get ready for an amazing and difficult change. Get ready to be strong through discouragement. Get ready to refuse to settle. Get ready to be successful.


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