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Why Be Healthy?

These excuses bring up a lot of interesting points about nutrition, supplementation, and exercise. Although the some are frustrating others can be dangerous. There are 600-800 muscles, 78 organs, 206 bones, and miles upon miles of veins in the human body. They all serve one purpose and that is to keep you alive and working properly. If you neglect your body, then your veins, muscles, organs, and bones cannot keep you healthy.

We aim to remind you the importance of living better, which could mean not eating fast food every week, going on a walk every once in a while, or eating more vegetables. It is not hard, but you'll be able to feel the difference.

The first step is realizing that you need to be healthy. The second step is recognizing ways that you are not living healthy. And the third step is getting over the excuses and doing it.

If you have any encouragement for those who are struggling to get past excuses, leave a comment below!

Live Long and Love Life

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