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What Does ‘Feeling Healthy’ Feel Like?

We focus on the importance of feeling and living healthier, but after being unhealthy for long enough we tend to forget what "healthy" feels like.

You know those days when you wake up and feel like you can do anything? That is what living healthy feels like every day. Even on the days when you feel groggy you still have enough energy to throw a ball around with your friends, children, or grandchildren.

You just think more clearly. Your brain recalls information better and you are able to make better choices.

Sharper Senses
Your taste, smell, sight, hearing, and ability to feel are all operating at their peak capacity. Obviously, you will not turn into a super hero, but you just might feel like you are one.

Ultimately, living healthy feels like you are fresh and ready for the day ahead of you. So, how can you start living healthier? Here are 12 suggestions. If you implement a new one each week, you could be and entirely different person in 3 months.

  1. Drink water - 8 cups a day
  2. Stretch - once a day
  3. Eat fruits and veggies - at least 2 servings of each a day
  4. Sleep - 8 hours a night
  5. Stop eating junk
  6. Be active - get some exercise
  7. Sex - have more if you are healthy enough for it
  8. Get in the sun
  9. Challenge your brain - do a word puzzle or Sudoku or play trivia
  10. Drink less alcohol - you do not necessarily need to stop drinking, just drink less
  11. Get close to nature - spend time outside
  12. Slow down - quit rushing everywhere you go, enjoy strolling through the park and enjoying a cup of coffee

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