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Wake Up Less Tired

About 7 years ago a product was released called the SleepTracker. It is a watch that you wear when you go to bed and it will track your REM Cycles and will wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep.

When we go to sleep our bodies begin our REM Cycle with a light sleep. After about 40 minutes you will be in the deepest part of your slumber, and then you will progress towards a light sleep again. During your light sleep you will be able to dream and are easily woken up. The cycle continues for 4 hours and we normally sleep for 1.5-2 times that much a night.

With our lifestyles the way that they are, we will set our alarms knowing that we "must be up" at X time. The sleep tracker takes this process and makes it smarter. Essentially it will make sure that you are up on time, but will wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep so that you will feel like you are fully rested. You may wake up about 20 minutes earlier than you planned, but it will feel a lot better than if you slept longer.

Go to their site and check out the product and sleep easy soon.

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