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Vitamin Angels - A Worthy Cause



Looking for a good cause to donate to this tax season?  Consider the wonderful works of Vitamin Angels.


Vitamin Angels helps at-risk populations in need - specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five - gain access to life changing vitamins and minerals.

The mission of Vitamin Angels is to mobilize and deploy private sector resources to advance availability, access and use of micronutrients by newborns, infants and children in need. Vitamin Angels reduces child mortality worldwide by connecting essential micronutrients with infants and children under five.

Over two billion people worldwide are deficient in essential nutrients. Essential multiple micronutrients, or multivitamins, reduce the effects of undernutrition and malnutrition in children under five. Vitamin Angels' program offers infants and children the nutrients they need to grow up healthy, increasing their potential for educational and economic achievement.

Every year, around 51 million additional children are affected by malnutrition or undernutrition. Vitamin Angels gives children under five the vital first step to excel physically and cognitively, rather than simply survive their key developmental years. In addition, they provide essential nutrients to new and expecting mothers, increasing the health of both mother and child.

A panel of world-class economists assembled by the Copenhagen Consensus recently analyzed cost-effective solutions to the world’s ten biggest challenges. The result? Micronutrient supplementation ranked as the #1 global priority.

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Vitamin Angels is a tax-exempt charity under the Tax ID Number 77-0485881.


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