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Supplement users are knowledgeable and, above all, happy people

Heath benefits of vitamins, minerals, botanicals and sports nutrition products are the subject of much debate, but supplement takers have apparently found “spontaneous happiness” by taking charge of their health through diet, exercise and healthful living.

Dietary supplements, vitamins and the broad category of health and wellness nutritional products are the subject of literally thousands of articles and internet posts daily, with claims from adherents on a range of benefits, to cautions from corners of science and government agencies on hyperbole. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, passed by Congress in 1994, severely restricts what nutritional supplement makers and distributors can say about health benefits; these are not medicines, according to the governments, and can make no healing/curing claims.


The world of literature, however, particularly that unlimited form found in cyberspace, is replete with claims and promises, of course, and it should be noted that not a few disclaimers and outright refutations of supposed benefits can also be found there.


Still, the dietary supplement industry is a healthy one, with 2017 sales in the Statistics Portal at $36 billion just in the United States. Dietary supplement products include vitamins, minerals, botanicals, sports nutrition supplements, weight management products and specialty supplements but, true to the moniker “supplement,” no one is claiming that they are the end-all/be-all for health. Indeed, the market is intended as a supplement for what nutrition people don’t receive in a normal healthy diet, and they are not intended to be substitutes for good nutrition and healthy living.


Supplement buyers and users, according to those who sell the herbs, vitamins and supplements, are among the most knowledgeable customers of any product, as it takes quite a bit or research – and there’s tons of information – to cut through the supplement clutter on the web and find just the right supplement to meet the need of each consumer. For instance, you’ll find hundreds of articles and blog posts that tout the remarkable powers of one vitamin, supplement or another, and then an equal amount of entries that claim these supposed powers can only come from those dietary supplements derived “naturally” or in a particular method.


Whatever the case, supplement purveyors report that many people coming into their shops or reaching out through online FAQs and forums, come armed with research and already have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for before coming to the store, either in person or online. These same merchants report that another group of customers – the supplement-curious, as it were – come to the stores and the websites and are more than willing to take that research back and conduct even more research before deciding on what course of action to take.


But there’s one thing all supplement users have in common, say the sellers. Ask anyone who trades in supplements and you’ll find an interesting, if not somewhat anecdotal, phenomenon: supplement users they are among the nicest, most accommodating and most understanding customers of any business, anywhere.


There’s no evidence, of course, that supplement-taking itself alone is the source or cause of such amiability among users. More likely it is because they are healthy people, and study after study links health and well-being to happiness.


What probably came first was the decision to get healthy. That generally begins with a recognition that one is too heavy, that a person smokes and should stop, and that the regular diet is not what it should be. People in this group tend to start an exercise regimen, seek out a smoking cessation program, and then begin to eat better.


Sometimes that is not the plan, exactly. A man in Denver of our acquaintance a little over a year ago ran into a friend from out of town who had dropped a considerable amount of weight – at 6’8” the friend had been weighing in at 292, but in a little more than 8 months had dropped his weight to 215 and looked great. He had done so, primarily, through walking.


So the Denver man, much shorter at 5’8” but still overly weighty at nearly 170 lbs., started walking vigorously 40 minutes each day – about 2.5 miles – and within four months had dropped to a more manageable 152 lbs. What’s more, without planning it, this Denver man started eating better – he reported craving more vegetables and fruits, and started eating smaller portions at meals, and more grains like granola and things like yoghurt. He also pretty much cut soda and other sweets out of his diet and began drinking more water and less alcohol.


As a side note, he also started taking several vitamins and dietary supplements – recommended by an integrative physician, an M.D. The truth is that as the exercise intensified and the diet changed there was a change in attitude that had this Denver man feeling better – fewer aches and pains of aging – and, as he says, “feeling happier.”


Casey Borgers, President of Supplement Spot, the online source for a wide range of natural health and anti-aging products, calls this “spontaneous happiness” -- a feeling a well-being after deciding to become healthier and taking the basic actions to achieve it, exercise and eating right chief among them.


That it happened to coincide with taking supplements, well, coincidental?


In any case, happiness, and indeed amiability, might well be the direct result of living healthier and truly living the results.


Being nice to the personnel at the Health Store is just another beneficial supplement.  


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