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Live For Your Skin

Here are a couple of things that you can do to keep your skin looking young, wrinkle and spot free, and clean:

Drink water. It is impossible to stress enough what water can do for your body. It will keep you and your skin hydrated.

Keep skincare simple. Today, it is possible to go to the store and load up your shopping cart with a couple hundred dollars worth of skin care products that you do not really need. Instead of filling your cart, try lightening your load with the following:

  •     Cleanser- it is important to get the grime out of your face and remove dead skin; do this once or twice a day when you shower.
  •     Soft wash clothe- don’t scrub your face too hard! Wash your face, but be gentle.
  •     Sunscreen- it is important to get out in the sun, but exposing yourself to too much UV rays will ultimately destroy your skin, so make sure to wear some sunscreen.
  •     Moisturizer- every time you wash your face or step out of the shower you should moisturize. It will hydrate your skin and keep it from flaking and getting wrinkled.
  •     Retinol A Cream- retinol cream may help fade aging spots, reduce lines and wrinkles, and continue to make your skin look youthful. For a great version of this check out our Retinol A Cream.

Quit smoking. It is never easy to quit, but check out this picture to see what kind of effects smoking can have on your skin. The left half of the face shows the identical twin that did not smoke and the right half of the face shows the identical twin that did. Look at the difference. For some help with quitting, check out our Nicoban.

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picture courtesy of WebMD

Finally, keep a balanced lifestyle. Sleeping 6-8 hours a night can reduce dark circles and stress lines. By maintaining an active lifestyle you can increase the elasticity of your skin, which prevents wrinkles. Also, making sure that you maintain a balanced diet full of vitamins and minerals is key to keeping your skin healthy and young.

Remember that both men and women need to keep their skin healthy as they age, and that by participating in the steps mentioned above, your skin may be able to change incredibly.

Please feel free to share what you have done to keep your skin clean and young!

Live Long and Love Life