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It’s Not Too Late to Save Your Stomach From Thanksgiving

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It has been said that all health starts with our digestive system. And every year, we put our digestive systems to the test on Thanksgiving.

We may not be pilgrims anymore, but we have kept the awesome tradition of taking one day out of the year to vigorously shovel food into our mouths. I do not know anyone who does not love the tradition; however, I do know quite a few people who could do without the experience that follows the meal.

It often begins with a bloated feeling, then moves to acid reflux and heartburn, and then settles at pure exhaustion. How do you fight the post Thanksgiving meal blues?

There are a cornucopia of suggestions to consider, here are our favorites:

1. Drink lemon tea before the meal
Lemon juice can aid in digestion and help settle your stomach.

2. Get your body moving
Before you take the inventible post meal nap, go for a quick stroll outside to get your blood flowing. If you don't think you are going to make it outside, just take some laps around the house.

3. Take some digestive enzymes before you eat
Taking a couple of digestive enzymes may support a healthy digestive track as well as reduce bloating, gas, and acids after you eat high calorie and high fat meals like the Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Stretch & Yoga
There are many stretches and yoga positions that you can do to reduce discomfort in your digestive system. Touching your toes, child's pose, and bringing your right knee into your chest are good examples.

5. Put down the shovel and pick up a fork
When it is Thanksgiving we often forget that we spend the other 364 days a year eating a moderate meal at a moderate pace. It will save you a lot of grief if you choose to regulate your eating. So, enjoy some conversation with friends and family, and do not spend the whole meal playing "how much can I put in my mouth without choking".

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Office Rivalry

We have a Longhorn and a Horned Frog in the Supplement Spot office, so tensions will be high on Thanksgiving Day when UT plays TCU. Be sure to watch. And because the other guy isn't here I get to say Go Frogs!

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