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Five Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

When the calendar changes, we all get the chance to start over with the New Year. So much happens in a year and looking ahead on January 1st allows us to dream, even just a little bit, about the year to come. Will we find love, the perfect job, or peace? Only time will tell, but one thing about the New Year never changes; we finally get the chance to restart. All of our past mistakes seem wiped away as we enter into another 365 days of opportunity to live passionately and love our life.

It is no surprise that every year people set resolutions for the upcoming year, because they have an entire year to reflect back on. However, as imperfect beings, we tend to fall short of our expectations and fall back into old habits, thoughts, and feelings. There is no reason why each and every one of us cannot fulfill our wildest dreams, but we have to know how. We should all have goals for the year, but when setting your resolutions, you must do so with tact and wisdom. Psychologists have done countless studies on finding success when you set your goals, and these are the top five ways they say you can achieve your resolutions:

1. Set the Right Goals

Use the acronym SMART, when setting your goals, which is Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

  • Specific: Do not say “I am going to eat healthier”, say, “I am going to eat grilled chicken three times a week and have a vegetable at every meal”.
  • Measureable: Do not say, “I am going to lose weight”, say, “I am going to lose 10 pounds in 120 days”.
  • Attainable: Do not say, “I am going to workout more”, say, “I am going to go to the gym by my house before going home after work every day”. Tell yourself how you will do it, not just that you will.
  • Realistic: Do not say, “I am going to bike 10,000 miles a day”, say, “I am going to bike 8 miles a day, and increase that amount by 1 mile every month”. Shoot for goals that you know you are capable of accomplishing.
  • Time-Bound: Do not say, “I am going to sleep 7-8 hours a night this year”, say,  “By March, I will consistently sleep 7-8 hours a night”.

2. Choose Something Important to You
If you Googled “New Year’s resolutions”, this is probably something you should focus on. You will never make the effort to achieve your goals if they are not something that YOU want to achieve. 90% of people who reduce or quit smoking or drinking do so without being told that they have to. You have to want to do it.

3. One Goal at a Time
Studies clearly show that the fewer goals you have, the more likely you are to achieve them. Think about this, if I told you to remember the number 43 you are more likely to remember it than if I told you to remember the number 45689320, right? Focus on the 2-3 goals you care about.

4. Focus on Your Goal

Everything that you do has to be in line with your desire to achieve your goal. If you like to smoke after lunch, eat at a place where it is difficult to smoke on your way back to work. If you want to eat healthier, do not watch TV shows that glorify unhealthy meals. If you want to exercise more, do not go home after work and turn on the television. Become physically, emotionally, and mentally aware of your inner thoughts and feelings as they relate to external events that occur in your life. Live in the moment, not the past or future.

5. Know Where to Find Strength
If you have accomplished everything above, there are still 3 ways to increase the likelihood of your success.

  1. Write it down. When you write something down it becomes more than a thought, it becomes real, and you are more likely to strive for something that is real.
  2. Tell someone. While you need to be the person who makes the goal, you need to tell someone who cares about your well being about it. Tell them why you care about what your doing, where you have been successful, and where you have slipped up. It is helps you remove the burden from yourself.
  3. Know you are human. Often, we slip up. If you make a mistake, do not overly punish yourself for it, but also beware not to be complacent. Use your mistake to drive you instead.


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