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Big Bad Caffeine

For years people have been discussing the positives and negatives of caffeine and for years people have been comparing different caffeinated beverages saying that one is better than the other. After some investigation, here is what we discovered.

Now, most of us are very aware of the positive effects of caffeine: alertness, reduced fatigue, high performance of simple tasks and tasks requiring a sustained response, and reduced headaches.

The problem is that we cannot forget the side effects of caffeine: dependency and withdrawal, anxiety, sleep depravity, fine motor control impaired, jitteriness, loss of bone mineral density, and the list goes on.

These negative effects can occur very quickly for those with low tolerance for caffeine or for those who use it for extended periods of time. So, how much is too much?

Well there are two ways to answer that question:

1. If you are drinking more than 400 mg of coffee a day, you will experience "caffeine intoxication", which is when the negative effects of caffeine will start to kick in. Some symptoms of this are depression, jitteriness, increased urination, flushing of the face, and sometimes even delusions (you college students pulling "all-nighters" could probably relate to the last one!)

2. There is a website where you can actually calculate how much caffeine it would take to actually kill you. It is not a medical tool by any means, but it is interesting and entertaining to use. You can find it here But remember that the negative long term effects of caffeine can start at 400mgs, not at whatever this calculates.

If you feel like you are drinking too much caffeine or are just looking to get energy at the beginning of the day, we suggest you look at our Dutch Greens product. It may:

    provide new energy and vitality
    support a strong immune function
    support the neutral pH-value of the body
    help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels
    support cardiovascular health
    help to clean and detoxify the body
    support intestinal health
    help to accelerate weight loss during a diet
    give you energy without the use of stimulants

Choosing Dutch Greens is a great way for you to make a healthy decision to live a healthier lifestyle.

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