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Antioxidants: Your body’s very own James Bond

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They might not be dressed in tuxes or have a martini in hand, but they're your body's go-to defense in the fight against aging. They team up against disease and diffuse free radicals while combating the aging process.

Their name: Oxidants - antioxidants.

Just like James Bond, they work to save the world and beautiful women from bad guys. Only this time the beautiful woman is you and the free radicals (bad guys) are invading your body. They're working to keep you feeling healthy and looking young.

Here's why I'm their biggest fan:

They fight from the inside out.

We can't feel when free radicals injure our cells, but when it happens antioxidants go into defense mode trying to stop the chain reaction of damaged cells. Over time, without a strong defense, this cell breakdown can lead to a number of chronic diseases.

They promote healthy eating.

You can do more to protect your skin than applying sunscreen and good skin products. Studies show that eating a diet high in antioxidants can help.

Your diet affects the largest organ in your body, the skin, so eating healthy and looking fabulous go hand in hand. No one expects you to live off broccoli and bell peppers (high in Vitamin C); that's why well-balanced meals with a complex mix of antioxidants are essential.

They're like bodyguards in a bottle.

Dull complexions, uneven skin tones and wrinkles can be battled from the outside too. Since your body is already working on your behalf internally, getting an antioxidant-rich serum will complement your skin care regimen. Mix an antioxidant serum with your SPF to add an extra layer of sun protection and naturally brighten your skin.

They discourage bad behavior.

Smoking, air pollution, excessive alcohol consumption and even deep-fried foods can promote free radicals within your body. Air pollution has been linked to cataracts, skin cancer and wrinkles, while deep-fried foods and cigarette smoke have been linked to gum disease and heart problems.

They're diverse.

These guys get around! These vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are mostly naturally-occurring substances and have a wide range of tricks up their sleeves. There are antioxidants that specifically battle pollutants like nicotine, others that lower the appearance of dry wrinkled skin and some that speed up your body's own antioxidant-making process.


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