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7 Things You Have to Know to Get Healthy

1. Your bed is not going to sleep in itself.
Recently, people have been working a lot more and sleeping a lot less. So much so, that some have actually changed the amount of sleep that is "normal" for their body from 8 hours to 6 hours. Give yourself a break, and get in bed.

2. Stretch as much as you can.
When you are at home, sit on the ground and do some stretches, it will make you feel a lot better and can increase your flexibility. If you are at the gym, it is actually better to warm up your muscles by taking a walk or light jog than typical static stretching.

3. Cook often.
We always find a way to get out of our rhythm, especially when it comes to cooking. But if you want to save money and be healthy, this is the way to go. Here are a couple of really simple day-to-day plans for health:

  • Go to work, eat a snack as you leave, and then go to the gym. When you get back from the gym, prepare your dinner and use the leftovers for lunch the next day. Make a quick egg or protein shake drink in the mornings.
  • On Sunday night cook up a lot of brown rice, whole-wheat noodles, shredded chicken, and lean ground beef. These four will act as your "meal bases". Add vegetables and healthy sauces and you can easily eat for a week on less than $50.
  • Also, look here for some good healthy recipes.

4. Get yourself in the gym!
You know this one already, 3-6 times a week. But if you do not have a gym membership, know that body-weighted workouts are on the rise as a part of a full-body health experience. Push-ups, pull-ups, yoga, dips, and some very new exercise positions are becoming a standard both in and outside the gym.

5. Know thyself.
You just can't put a price on this. We are all busy with school, kids, work, or anything and everything else, but if you spend just one hour alone every week, it can change everything. Go for a walk, work on your car, or just drive, but don't have your phone or computer. Mental health is often linked to physical health.

6. Take care of you.
You only get one body, be good to it. Take care of your heart, lungs, skin, hair, and everything else. Take some vitamins, avoid caffeine, put lotion on your skin, wash your hair, and drink some tea. It may seem like a lot, but don't let yourself get down because you don't look or feel like you.

7. Love Life.
It is not in our slogan for nothing. You have been given the gift to be apart of this crazy, confusing, frustrating, awesome, short, and beautiful thing that we are all doing together. We all get in ruts, but we live for the days that we are not in them. So, smile and enjoy the little things, because your health depends on you wanting to be healthy and wanting to live a long life.

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