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7 Things to Know About Asian Takeout

Many of us maintain healthy eating, but every once in a while we deserve a treat. Asian takeout has gotten a bad reputation as high-calorie, high-sodium, and overall a poor choice for those watching their weight. While there are some meals that are high in sodium and calories, there are also options that won't break your calorie-limiting bank. Below are seven tips about what to avoid and good choices when getting Asian takeout.

1. Edamame isn't low-cal always - Edamame is traditionally a good choice, as it has few calories, when it is steamed. However, some places toss them in oil after, more than doubling the calorie count. Make sure to ask for them steamed only and save the calories for the main course.

2. Lobster sauce is a go - The sauce is so good, that is must be high in calories, right? Actually, a quarter cup of lobster sauce is only 50 calories, so eat up!

3. Veggies aren't always virtuous - Getting the side of green beans will make up for the fried rice used to be good thinking. That was, until we found out that most Asian restaurants will deep fry their vegetables for extra texture, thereby doubling or even tripling the caloric intake. Instead, ask them to only stir fry in light oil.

4. Vegetable over pork dumplings - Sure the pork ones may taste a bit better, but at 80 calories for a pork dumpling and only 35 for a vegetable one, they don't taste that good. Switching three vegetable for pork dumplings will save you over 130 calories and 10 grams of fat, because let's be honest, you will eat more than one.

5. Stir-fry for the win - Stir-fry is higher in calories than getting steamed dishes, but the taste and flavor may be worth it. If  that isn't enough to convince you, then remember that the ginger used in stir-fry is an anti-inflammatory and garlic is loaded with anti-oxidants. Just ask for light oil!

6. What's the lightest lo mein? - Are you thinking vegetarian? Well, you would be incorrect, its shrimp! At P.F. Changs, the shrimp has 200 fewer calories and 30% less sodium, because as mentioned in #3, they drown vegetables in salt and oil to improve the taste.

7. Dishes for Two - Most Asian restaurants portion their meals for two or more people, as it is meant to be served family style. When eating takeout by yourself, make sure to put half in the fridge and only eat half for lunch or dinner. (We know, easier said then done...)

And there you have it, 7 tips for Asian Takeout. May you enjoy your next takeout and feel good about eating it! To get more tips about Asian takeout, see the article from CNN Health.