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5 Easy Ways to Burn Calories

1. Cold Water

Whether showering or rehydrating, you can burn more calories by using cold water. Your body uses stored energy to keep its temperature at 98.2 degrees. You should also know that dehydration often leads to a slower metabolism, so make sure to pour yourself I nice, cold class of H2O in order to stay hydrated.

2. Snack On!

Your body needs energy throughout the day, not just after your major meals. By eating health snacks, such as natural peanut butter, you can avoid over eating at the breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables. It is important not to skip meals, especially your first one. Eating breakfast tells your body that it can start using stored fat for energy. Also, if you want to avoid late night snacking, eat dinner at a later time to save from consuming the extra calories.

3. Move Around

Especially if you are at work all day, there are plenty of ways to burn calories:

  • Walk briskly from place to place
  • Move away from your desk for the last 5 minutes of every hour
  • Walk around when you are talking on the phone
  • Stand up instead of rolling around in your chair
  • Allow yourself to fidget and bounce your knee
  • Sit up straight and use good posture
  • Dance around, if you feel so inclined

4. Laugh

Who knew that joy could also help you get skinny? Laughing will not only help tighten your stomach, but can also burn calories. So, don't be such a stick in the mud and smile a little bit. ☺

5. Exercise Your Jaw

Eating grains and crunchy vegetables are a great way to burn calories and get good nutrients at the same time. Another great way to get your jaw moving is to chew gum, especially while you cook because it helps to prepare your mind for the delicious meal to come.

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