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The Amazing Resvert Plus

Every so often there will be a product that is truly amazing, and resvert plus is one of them. With three mighty ingredients, this powerful supplement supports your all around health, well-being, and lengevity.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a nutrient produced by many plant species and is believed to be supportive in regulating serum lipids and supporting cardiovascular health. It is commonly produced by Vitis vinifera and lambrusca grapes and is found red and white wines.*

Nutritionists and biochemists study resveratrol because of its potential to assist in healthy heart

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Posted by cborgers on October 27, 2012 | Categories: Cholesterol, Featured Products

Getting Relief from Tinnitus

For many of us, silence is something that we take for granted, but for people with Tinnitus, you can't put a price on it. Tinnitus is experienced by over 50 million Americans. By definition, tinnitus is evidenced by an acoustic like sensation, usually located within the head, for which there is no external cause. Those who have it define it in a variety of ways. Such statements as roaring, hissing, music, crickets, a cacophony of static like sounds are only a few of the descriptions clients provided. There is no known cure for tinnitus.*

For those who

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Posted by cborgers on October 08, 2012 | Categories: Featured Products

Menopause symptoms like hot flashes addressed with innovative preparations for a healthy boost

Nearly 75% of women report hot flashes to varying degrees before and during menopause, and Supplement Spot carries a number of natural products designed to assist in healthy menopause

FORT WORTH, TX -- The “M” word – menopause – comes into play for every woman round about age 51, although the ending of the natural menstrual cycle can occur as early as the 30s and some women don’t enter the territory until their 60s. In any case, women in the tail end of the Baby Boom Generation – those people born between 1946 and 1964 – are close to

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Posted by cborgers on September 19, 2012 | Categories: Featured Products, Health Concerns, Health News

No Pain Capsaicin Lotion

Have you ever heard the expression that pain is all mental? Well this is true in a way. Pain occurs when the nerves in our body send a message to our brain saying that something is not right, or is not working properly. Unfortunately, there is very little we can do to convince our brains that nothing is wrong, but in some cases we can interfere with the messages that our nerves send to our brain. This is what many pain relievers do.

Let's take arthritis and joint pain as an example

When our

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Posted by cborgers on June 11, 2012 | Categories: Featured Products, Joint Health

Ocular Essentials with Bilberry and Lutein

The eyes play an important role in mobility, function, and enjoyment in life. For this reason it is important to maintain good ocular health. Ocular nutrition is an important part of helping maintain our vision and eye health as we age. One can safely say that every part of the human eye needs ocular nutrition to support eye health. Ocular Essentials does just that.

What is Ocular Essentials?

Ocular Essentials is a carefully formulated supplement with key herbal extracts and antioxidants to maintain normal eye health. *

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Posted by cborgers on June 10, 2012 | Categories: Featured Products

Dutch Greens

What is Dutch Greens™?

Dutch Greens™ is a new and unique Greens supplement imported from The Netherlands that provides the body with all the nutrients it needs. It also restores the neutral pH-value of the body. That is the single most important condition for staying healthy. Why Dutch Greens™?

Most Greens supplements try to compete with long lists of ingredients in such minute quantities that they have little or no effect on your health.

Dutch Greens™ is based on the 'less is more' principle. It contains large quantities of

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Posted by cborgers on June 10, 2012 | Categories: Energy, Featured Products

Raspberry Ketones

What is Raspberry Ketones?

The Raspberry Ketones is a natural ingredient found in raspberries and its discovery has led to the conclusion that the berry may help lead to weight loss. It is believed that the Raspberry Ketones enzyme helps to control weight loss and weight gain. Recent Buzz

Raspberry Ketones has been getting a lot of attention thanks to a recent episode of the Doctor Oz show.

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Posted by cborgers on June 10, 2012 | Categories: Featured Products

Feel Alive, Feel Young, Feel Like You

Live Long and Love Life


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Posted by cborgers on June 08, 2012 | Categories: Energy, Featured Products


Dr. Oz spent a little bit of time today discussing a product that we carry called IP6. So, we decided to give you a little more information about the product and give you this  link to our website if you are interested in purchasing it. IP6 is one of the key nutrients for the cell division process to go smoothly*.

Research indicates that IP6 may:*

    support colon, prostate and breast cells     promote good kidney function     support

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Posted by cborgers on June 08, 2012 | Categories: Dr. Oz Recommendations, Featured Products

Maximum Prostate

Maximum Prostate is Supplement Spot's undisputed number one bestseller. Our researchers have formulated the ideal mix of Beta Sitosterol and other concentrated herbal extracts and minerals to support your prostate health and keep you feel young and healthy. The prostate is important because it secretes and controls the flow of fluid in the body.

There are 5 effective ingredients in Maximum Prostate that if sold separately, would be very expensive. The five ingredients include:

    Beta Sitosterol     Campesterol     Soy Isoflavones 40%     Zinc Citrate   

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Posted by cborgers on June 08, 2012 | Categories: Featured Products

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