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Eat Yourself Skinny!

Here is a great article from Dr. Oz about certain foods that can help you get skinny.

It may seem too good to be true, but the key to weight loss is right in your grocery store. These 10 superfoods can rev your metabolism, whittle your waist, and leave you looking and feeling better than ever.

Beans Ignite your body’s fat-blasting furnace with beans. They’ll keep you full, and are high in resistant starch, meaning that half the calories consumed cannot

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Posted by cborgers on August 17, 2012 | Categories: Diet and Nutrition, Dr. Oz Recommendations

Perfect Replacements for Your Biggest Cravings

It can be tough to break free from the pull of a craving, especially when it’s for junk food. These three bite-sized recipes are healthy makeovers of your most notorious cravings: pizza, salty snacks, and chocolate. The next time you’re craving something savory, salty or sweet – try one of these great healthy options! Portobello Pie – Instead of Pizza Ingredients 1 large portobello mushroom 1 tbsp low-sugar pasta sauce 1/2 cup low-fat shredded cheese Vegetable toppings of your choice Directions Preheat oven to 375°F degrees. In place of crust, use a Portobello mushroom that

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Posted by cborgers on August 15, 2012 | Categories: Diet and Nutrition, Dr. Oz Recommendations

Dr. Oz’s 99 Diet Foods Shopping List

Print this list from Dr. Oz and bring it to the grocery story to avoid your biggest diet-food mistakes.


While the list includes specific brands, if you find a similar product with the same nutritional value, feel free to use it.

#38 should read "Nature's Path Flax Plus Flakes Cereal"


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Posted by cborgers on August 06, 2012 | Categories: Diet and Nutrition, Dr. Oz Recommendations

The Anti-Allergy Diet

Based on an article from Dr. Oz:

Are allergies causing you to gain weight? This could be reality for some, so try this three week anti-allergy diet to see what foods are causing the weight gain you don't want.

Most people see food allergies as fast-acting, as seen with people allergic to peanuts or shellfish and immediately break out in an allergic reaction. But dairy, a common unknown allergy to many, has slow effects causing inflammation hours or even days later. Research has shown up

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Posted by cborgers on June 10, 2012 | Categories: Bad Foods, Diet and Nutrition, Dr. Oz Recommendations, Health Concerns

Scottish Oatmeal - Health Magician

After such a popular response from our shortened article from Dr. Oz's website about Foods for Deep Sleep, we decided we should tell you more about Scottish Oatmeal. What's the background, full benefits, and how do you prepare it? Let's find out!

Scottish Oatmeal is a pulverized oat that makes a creamy cereal. Oatmeal has a long history in Scotland because oats are better suited than wheat for the country's short growing season. Over time it became a staple grain in the country. Traditionally, Scottish

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Posted by cborgers on June 10, 2012 | Categories: Diet and Nutrition, Dr. Oz Recommendations, Sleep

Foods for Deep Sleep

Sleep Problems

Sleep problems, ranging from trouble falling asleep, to full-blown insomnia is a problem for roughly 30% of the U.S. population. Ten percent of population has insomnia. Many people take prescription sleeping pills, however it still remains to be seen how effective there are and what the major side effects will be over time. One study done by the British Medical Journal has shown a 300% increase in death in people who took fewer than 18 sleeping pills a year.

Beyond foods, there are some nighttime rituals you can do to help yourself fall to sleep

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Posted by cborgers on June 10, 2012 | Categories: Diet and Nutrition, Dr. Oz Recommendations, Sleep


Dr. Oz spent a little bit of time today discussing a product that we carry called IP6. So, we decided to give you a little more information about the product and give you this  link to our website if you are interested in purchasing it. IP6 is one of the key nutrients for the cell division process to go smoothly*.

Research indicates that IP6 may:*

    support colon, prostate and breast cells     promote good kidney function     support

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Posted by cborgers on June 08, 2012 | Categories: Dr. Oz Recommendations, Featured Products

New Category: Dr. Oz Recommendations

Dr. Oz has taken medicine by storm. He first was a guest speaker on Oprah, and now he has is own show with thousands of viewers. His website has tips, recipes, products, and much more.  Due to his popular following and his sound medical advice, Supplement Spot has added a new category with products sponsored by Dr. Oz.

Here are ten products we carry that Dr. Oz has endorsed on his show:

1. 7-Keto

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Posted by cborgers on January 10, 2012 | Categories: Dr. Oz Recommendations