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What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

Are you the person who always wakes up at 3 a.m. and can't go back to sleep?  Maybe you are the person who waits "patiently" for over an hour just to get that beauty rest.  Whenever you can't fall back to sleep is trivial, however, what is keeping you up at night is not.  Here are 5 major reasons why you may be having trouble sleeping.

1. Mental Illness and Stress - Insomnia is a cause and symptom of anxiety and depression.  Stress can kick off neurotransmitters that can keep you thinking late

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Posted by cborgers on June 08, 2012 | Categories: Mental Health, Sleep

7 Superfoods To Boost Metabolism

Looking for something to help increase the metabolism and get your day started off right? Sometimes all it takes is just eating the right foods.  While there are many foods that can help boost metabolism, here are ten that Supplement Spot finds to be both satisfying and good for you!

1. Blueberries - All berries are good for you, but blueberries also provide a great source of fiber. Not to mention they are full of antioxidants too!

2. Wild Salmon - Salmon is full of Omega 3s, which improve insulin sensitivity. In other words, it builds

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Posted by cborgers on June 08, 2012 | Categories: Diet and Nutrition, Superfoods

The Importance of Fats and Carbs

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Posted by cborgers on June 08, 2012 | Categories: Diet and Nutrition, Health News

Maximum Prostate

Maximum Prostate is Supplement Spot's undisputed number one bestseller. Our researchers have formulated the ideal mix of Beta Sitosterol and other concentrated herbal extracts and minerals to support your prostate health and keep you feel young and healthy. The prostate is important because it secretes and controls the flow of fluid in the body.

There are 5 effective ingredients in Maximum Prostate that if sold separately, would be very expensive. The five ingredients include:

    Beta Sitosterol     Campesterol     Soy Isoflavones 40%     Zinc Citrate   

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Posted by cborgers on June 08, 2012 | Categories: Featured Products

New Category: Dr. Oz Recommendations

Dr. Oz has taken medicine by storm. He first was a guest speaker on Oprah, and now he has is own show with thousands of viewers. His website has tips, recipes, products, and much more.  Due to his popular following and his sound medical advice, Supplement Spot has added a new category with products sponsored by Dr. Oz.

Here are ten products we carry that Dr. Oz has endorsed on his show:

1. 7-Keto

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Posted by cborgers on January 10, 2012 | Categories: Dr. Oz Recommendations

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