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Spring Is Here And So Are Allergies


What Are Some Of The Causes Of Allergies?

Now that the weather is turning toward spring, many of us must prepare to manage our allergies.  The spring weather will entice people outdoors to face one of the season’s biggest problems—pollen.  A study by NIH MedlikenPlus provides very good information about some of the causes of seasonal allergies.  “The key to surviving spring allergies is knowing what triggers your symptoms," Dr.

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Posted by Blilly on March 29, 2017 | Categories:

Vitamin Angels - A Worthy Cause

    Looking for a good cause to donate to this tax season?  Consider the wonderful works of Vitamin Angels.


Vitamin Angels helps at-risk populations in need - specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five - gain access to life changing vitamins and minerals.

The mission of Vitamin Angels is to mobilize and deploy private sector resources to advance availability, access and use of

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Posted by cborgers on March 20, 2017 | Categories:

Can You Improve Your Brain Function?

Do you remember the move Limitless starting Brandley Cooper? It was a about a guy who found a pill to give him super brain power. The use of brain pills became widespread after Limitless became a Box Office smash hit. Unfortunately, you can’t take a pill and become smarter in 30 seconds. But there are things you can do over time that might help with memory and other brain functions. Here are a few things to know about your brain.

Your brain grows new cells every day Your daily habits are recorded in your brain Your brain

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Posted by Blilly on March 17, 2017 | Categories:

Managing Your Cholesterol Health

Having good heart health begins with understanding how your life choices affect your overall health.  This can be particularly true when it comes to dealing with high cholesterol.  Everyone should have a basic understanding of the kinds of cholesterol.  Nearly 2,200 Americans die of cardiovascular disease daily, with an average of one death occurring every 40 seconds.  Cholesterol is always a hot topic, with millions of dollars spent on medication to lower LDL ("bad cholesterol") and raise HDL ("good cholesterol").  There are many Read More

Posted by Blilly on January 27, 2017 | Categories:

Supplements That Can Assist You During The Cold And Flu Season

2017 is here and now is the best time to get healthy, or recommit to staying healthy.  Health should be number one on your priority list, and Supplement Spot can be an active part of that.  This is also the time of the year for lists, and we thought it would be fun to share some examples of New Year’s resolution lists for a healthy 2017. click here

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Posted by Blilly on January 04, 2017 | Categories:

Not All Fruits Are Created Equally


We’ve all grown up being told to eat your fruits and vegetables.  Let’s talk about the “fruit” part and which fruit is good for what.  Each fruit has their own special nutritional treat.  If you want to focus on something particular, it’s good to know which fruit is best for you. Here is a short list of fruits readily available (or should I say “low hanging fruits”) you should consider and why: 



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Posted by cborgers on December 14, 2016 | Categories:

Supplements May Assist Your Immune System During the Holidays

Avoid the Holiday Blues

During the holiday season, most of us will be traveling to family or friend’s homes.  Many are traveling across the country by train or plane.  These things are certain; we will be eating more, sleeping less, encountering large groups of people, and have more stress in our lives.

As we travel we also expose ourselves to germs and bacteria that our system may not be familiar with. Perhaps grandma does not keep her house a clean as she once did.  The good news is there are

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Posted by Blilly on November 29, 2016 | Categories:

Skin Health and Retinol

There have been many studies that have proven the link between Retinol and healthy skin.  The retinoid family comprises vitamin A (retinol) and its natural derivatives. Vitamin A can be very effective in diminishing sign of aging in most people. Retinols can help resurface the skin. “Retinoids are amazing multitaskers. By acting directly on the DNA in skin cells, they boost the many cell functions that tend to slow down once we hit 30,” says Alexiades-Armenakas, Ph.D., a New York City–based

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Posted by Blilly on October 27, 2016 | Categories: Skin Health

Now Is the Time to Develop Good Habits for the Holidays

Fall has arrived around the United States.  Football season is in full swing and the holidays are just around the corner. Now is a great time to think about how you will manage your health to insure you stay healthy through the holidays. We offer three ways (healthy eating, exercise, and proper supplements) to help you maintain your weight and health.  As always, remember to consult your physician before starting any new exercise or diet plan.

Healthy Eating Strategies

According to the National Institutes of Health,

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Posted by Blilly on September 29, 2016 | Categories:

We don’t stop playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop playing.

This is just a small video how enjoying the simple things in life and spending quality time with children will keep you happy and feeling young.

It's my son catching his first fish from a kayak.  Turn up the volume and Enjoy!


Casey H Borgers, President

Supplement Spot



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Posted by cborgers on September 14, 2016 | Categories:

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